aluminized exhaust clamp steel lap joint exhaust clamp

5 inch stainless steel lap joint exhaust clamp

Wall thickness 0.5mm, stainless steel with gross polished

Total height 76mm

Small white box packed


Aluminized exhaust clamp

aluminized exhaust clamp, also known as Exhaust Clamps. Those are primarily for automotive purposes to fix the exhaust to the vehicle, avoiding the need for welding. A good quality clamp will improve the performance of a vehicle. As a faulty clamp means that the air flow is not all going though the exhaust. This will lead to loss of power from the engine and a sub-standard performance from your car or van.

U Bolt Exhaust Clamp is specifically for use in automotive exhaust applications.
It is used to join safely and securely two metal tubes subject to constant high temperatures and vibration .Surface treatment complies fully with RoHs &Reach.

Heavy duty u-bolt exhaust clamp is saddle design gives a positive seal without cutting the pipe while the heavier gauge steel and narrow legs provide additional rigidity and durability.
heavy duty u-bolt exhaust clamp addition of welded tabs on the legs maximizes strength.

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